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To provide avenues for producing entertaining, competitive marching band drill that will help band directors and students achieve the goals set before them.

About B&B

Managing Members Brian Pollard, Brian Youngblood, and John Valentino II established B&B DESIGN CONCEPTS, LLC. Brian and Brian provide custom drill design products that utilizes input from a variety of sources and to distribute products that create avenues for creative development in the marching band field. Both successful drill writers individually, they began working together in 1994. By freely sharing ideas and both contributing to every show, there was a dramatic increase in the quality of drill design and the demand for their services. Brian and Brian have since become known for the quality of show and drill designs throughout the southwest and the nation. Through it all, neither has lost sight of the primary purpose of marching band; the education of youth.

John Valentino is responsible for programming the marching band drill writing program VDrill, with consultation from Brian Pollard and Brian Youngblood. Work on VDrill began in 2001 and was released a couple years later as VDrill Basic at TMEA.